Stuart Dorran M.Ost. DO

I’m delighted to open the new MYOSTEOPATH clinic in my home county of Sligo. I’m a graduate of the internationally recognised British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, England.

I also hold a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine from the University of Plymouth

As a Sligo native I’m well aware of the unique demands experienced by people in the North West as part of the productive influence we have on the agricultural, health & social work, manufacturing, wholesale and retail Industries in Ireland.

The old adage “health is wealth” still holds true. Untreated injuries cost the people of the North West of Ireland on average 9.1 days of absence from work per annum. I believe it is vital as a practitioner to understand the demands a career places on the body and how to help people overcome injuries influenced by their career.

As with the majority of people in the Northwest of Ireland I’m a sports enthusiast. Coming from one of the European towns for sport in 2014 Sligo, I have enjoyed the diverse sports on offer from GAA to Jujitsu and Surfing, but Rugby is my main vice. I’ve been involved in Rugby for 26 years, having the good fortune of playing at club, school and schools interprovincial levels here in Sligo, Ballina and Connacht and also abroad in Spain and the UK.

I hope to bring my local knowledge, sporting past, and my experience gained in the UK in treating people from all walks of life to the MYOSTEOPATH clinic from lab technicians, builders, social media influencers to boxers and dancers.

I’m excited to provide the people of Sligo and the Northwest with the benefits of Osteopathy and help them live as pain free a life as possible.

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